Thursday, May 05, 2011

Wes Got Games


There have been several casting announcements for Hunger Games Tributes over the past couple of days, but I got a wee bit burned out posting every one since they were all for nameless characters we don't see much of that are being played by unknown stunt actors. You can see their faces and names here if you so desire. But today there's a goodie! Wes Bentley, best known for getting really stoned over a plastic bag in American Beauty but having steadily worked in the 12 years since then (12 years! Aggh!), is going to play Seneca Crane. You can click here for more, spoilery info on him, but basically he's the dude that designed the arena that the Games themselves take place in. It's probably not a huge role, but it is important and it'll be nice to see Wes. I always liked him.

ETA Jarett actually got a little bit out of Wes already 
about his casting over at PopWrap. Too quick!

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