Friday, April 15, 2011

I Am Link

--- Gimme Gods - It took a couple of weeks since we last heard about something happening with Neil Gaiman's American Gods, but now Deadline's got an update: HBO has optioned a series based off the book, to be shepherded by Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson. Let's hope Game of Thrones does well then, so HBO feels good about making more fantasy series! Because this'd rule.

--- Wright's Stuff - Now that he's made a movie I unabashedly adore, I've found myself clicking on links having to do with Hanna's director Joe Wright. Which led me to this interview with him at AICN and it's totally delightful. It starts out like this:

AICN: I suppose we should start with your mother. Or do you have something else on your mind?

Joe Wright: Breasts. My wife has recently had a child, and suddenly you realize that breasts are all about milk and bounty. They're not really for us. It's a rather sad revelation.

AICN: It hasn't ruined breasts for you, has it?

Wright: Well, at the moment I can't really get close to them. (Laughs)

AICN: How horrible.

Wright: They're so big and beautiful, and they're no longer mine.

LOL. And it only gets better from there. He speaks upon tyrannical wig-makers! I kinda love him today. Let's hope the Atonements are in the past!

--- Speaking of, Joe Reid had a few words to share on both Hanna and Insidious over at Low Resolution. Including calling me an asshole. Why I never! Okay, once in awhile.

--- Ursa Two - There's going to be a lady villain in Zach Snyder's Superman movie, which is called The Man of Steel. She will be based off of the comic-book character Faora, which is apparently who the kick-ass Ursa in Superman II was based off of too. So I imagine she'll be a side-kick to Michael Shannon's General Zod. Anyway they better cast well, because the spectre of Sarah Douglas looms large. And fabulous.

--- And finally, Slash has got the word on what'll be showing at Cannes this year, and as always, it just makes me so fucking depressed. Von Trier, Miike, Malick, Almodóvar! Somebody send me to Cannes! I will fuck that shit up. In, like, a good way.

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Shaun said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- you are kind of an asshole for hating Atonement. I'm willing to continue overlooking it, though ;o)