Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy 33, Anna Torv


Holy crap! You harlot! I've never seen this set of pictures before, which well of course I haven't, I don't usually go looking for pictures of this sort. But let it be said that damn she looks good. Anyway, that's something for those few of you here at MNPP here that might like a breast now and then.

As for me, I just want it to be known, remembered, remarked upon, that I've been calling what Anna Torv's been doing on Fringe great work since way back, and it's only once all the gimmicky stuff - her alternate reality self, her possessed by William Bell self - showed up that everyone else realized how terrific she is. I was ahead of the curve once dammit!

A new episode of Fringe is on tonight, after a few week's break. Now that we know it's gotten a fourth season we can calm down and watch the fireworks that are coming without a heavy heart. Hooray!

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