Thursday, February 03, 2011

TGT10: A Moment of 2010 Awesomeness

This has been a moment of 2010 awesomeness.


RJ said...

Loving these. Stealing them all.

Derreck said...

lol, i loved this one! especially the line about something being licked (you know what i'm talking about) i remember being so shocked at that one.

iggy said...

Sorry, but as non English speaker and not having seen the movie, I don't get it. What are they talking about? Obviously it's not literal.

Lost in translation.

Jason Adams said...

Mila's character is flirtatious with everyone. The waiter you see here takes it to heart and starts flirting back with her, and tries to be sexy as he asks her if she needs more cheese on her burger, which he's just brought to her. Mila is making fun of him for flirting back in such a terrible manner and is calling him "cheesy" which is slang for someone who's overbearing/poor at things. God I've never had to define cheesy before, I'm not sure exactly how to put it. Here, urban dictionary does it well. "Trying too hard, unsubtle, and inauthentic." Anyway it's all in her delivery. See the movie!

iggy said...

Ok, thanks. It hasn't opened here yet. I couldn't think of an equivalent word and talking about cheese seemed to me, I don't know, like talking about carrots. Even though I was familiar with the term "cheesy", I don't think I got it completely right.

So, thanks again, English lessons and a picture of that guy in ballet tights in the same blog. ;)