Thursday, February 03, 2011

TGT10: The Great Gratuities #15-11


Alright let's get this going! You know what happened with my 2009 countdown of Great Gratuities? I made a post so big it paralyzed my browser every time I tried to look at it. I mean it was and still is a wonder to behold, the gargantuan - how I love that word, gargantuan - explosion of man-flesh it does contain, and it most assuredly lives up to the exacting standards of gratuitousness I've set forth for myself. But let's spread it out a bit this year. Consider it extended foreplay. I'm splitting the countdown proper into three parts. Oh and here are the 26 runners-up in case you missed them.

MNPP's 2010 Great Gratuities: #15-11

15 Rodrigo Santoro, I Love You Phillip Morris - Rodrigo is not in this movie nearly enough, but when he is around he's usually in some state of undress so he should consider this an encouragement of continuing to take exactly this sort of role. Swan in and strip gallantly, my friend. If only there'd be a chance for he and Ewan to make friendly.

14 Penn Badgley, Easy A - The only thing better than a painted blue Penn Badgley running around in nothing but some loose basketball shorts would've been a painted blue Penn Badgley running around in nothing but some loose basketball shorts with his chest hair intact. Ya woulda been higher if you'd left the fur alone, Penn! Let this be a lesson to you. I don't care if it would've made the paint clump. Such are the sacrifices we make.

13 Stephen Dorff, Somewhere - Doesn't it seem like he spends at least 50% of his time in this movie in a towel? Bless him. And a special shout-out to his lusty masseur Paul Greene, obviously, without whom the film would have been free of thwarted yet still-fantasized-by-me happy endings.

12 Bradley Cooper, The A-Team - You can see a whole slew more caps of this sort right here. For a character nicknamed "Faceman" they sure did spend a lot of time staring at his abdomen. I suppose that Abdomenman doesn't have quite the same ring. At least verbally. It's fine for the eyes!

11 Aaron Johnson, Kick-Ass - We celebrate AJ here for not only the scene above, which may be too brief but lingers long after its left, but also for his form-fitting superhero costume that fits his form juuuuust right, and in the right places too.

Coming up next: #10 through #6!

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