Thursday, February 03, 2011

TGT10: The Great Gratuities #10-6


And the beefcakery countdown keeps on...
You can see the runners-up here, and #15-11 right here.

MNPP's 2010 Great Gratuities: #10-6

10 Cam Gigandet, Burlesque - This would surely have placed higher if I'd actually seen this scene yet. As is all I've had are some blurs taken from a pirated copy of the film and hey, that's enough to place it this high. They look extraordinarily promising! Just imagine how I'll feel once the Famous Amos come into focus.

9 Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right - Oh Mark. Giving Mark. Always there with the nudity when we need it. He doesn't just play a sperm donor - he causes spontaneous sperm donating everywhere he goes. A couple more shots from this scene are here.

8 Ryan Gosling, All Good Things - Even though he goes bare-assed in Blue Valentine (and a lovely bared ass it is) I had to give the edge to this scene because a pair of soaking wet tighty-whities are an even rarer gift bestowed upon us. See more from this scene here.

7 Andrew Garfield, Red Riding: 1974 - For those arguing that Andy's too string-beanish to fill out that Spider-Man suit I must submit proof otherwise. He's doing just fine under those clothes, thankyouverymuch. No seriously thank you, very much, Andy.

6 Mike Vogel, Blue Valentine - Obviously this whole enterprise is entirely subjective, but I think this might be one of the most so entries on this list, at least for it being so damn high without much showing. But I'll take ten seconds of Mike's barely uncovered bouncing butt over a lot more from other folks. It's Mike Vogel, people. It is life, truth, light. See more here.

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Jwise said...

Wow, five men top Mike Vogel (not like that) in a gratuitous skin list running on MNPP?!?!

This I gotta see!

Jwise said...

I mean, besides Fassy in Fish Tank

Dame James said...

Now this is a list I can get behind. And a whole bunch of men I'd love to get behind, as well.

MrJeffery said...

god, mike vogel & ryan gosling were so hot in bv.

Anonymous said...

I would've ranked Mike's wrestling scene at least as high as this one. Sweat + yellow spandex = damn.

Anonymous said...

Garfield is far too skinnny and Ruffalo is too hairy. Except for Ruffalo it's a plus!

Anonymous said...

Mark Ruffalo is a pleasure, nice man!
Mike Vogel is also beautiful, loved the list, let all these men to fuck me, especially Mark Ruffalo!