Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Like My Stake Raw and Bloody


You may recall hearing good stuff about Stake Land when it played in Toronto or at Fantastic Fest earlier this year. It's a vampire apocalypse movie and IFC is releasing it in April. Over at Slash they've got a fuller synopsis for it, as well as a new picture... I've been sworn to secrecy but I have just seen the film (it seems odd, not being able to say anything since the film was already reviewed, and positively so, at those festivals, but whatever) and I'll be keeping this one on the radar for you people because you should have it on your radar.

It's from the director of Mulberry Street, the "rat-people in the Lower East Side" horror movie that played in the AfterDark HorrorFest a couple of years back and which definitely had its moments, and it stars that films Nick Damici, youngster Connor Paolo (he plays the gay boy on Gossip Girl I think?), genre-stalwart Danielle Harris, Kelly effin' McGillis, and the main Observer from Fringe Michael Cerveris! That's a cast.


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Anonymous said...

We were gunna go but I was sick *cough cough* Can't wait to hear your thoughts!