Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here A Chuck There A Chuck

Yesterday was Chuck Palahniuk's 49th birthday - happy belated day, sir! - and in his honor Film School Rejects ran down through all of his books that haven't been made into movies yet - that'd be everything except Fight Club and Choke - and gave a brief synopsis of what they're about and theorized upon the probability of them getting made into movies, and what it might take to see them best realized if at all possible.

Two things I learned from this delightful escapade? There is a website right here built by a production company that's attempting to get an adaptation of Invisible Monsters off the ground; at said website you can sign up to "Demand It!" whatever that means. But hey, I like demanding things so I'm down.

And secondly, and this I am ashamed of, how did I completely miss that Chuck released a new book last year? Tell-All came out in May and I have never even heard of it until today. WTF? I'm a loser. The reviews seem middling to aggressively dissatisfied though so perhaps it's for the best. Has anyone read it?


Ivan said...

Yep, I read Tell-All and was frighteningly disappointed. It was like a bad parody of Palahniuk, bolted on to Hedda Hopper's memoirs. The book really felt like something that was "contractually obligated."

Jason Adams said...

Thanks for the info, Ivan. I think perhaps I will skip this then, I don't need to be depressed like that.

Row-bin said...

I completely agree- the actual plot felt tacked on to a gossip column that lost its point halfway though.

Most disappointingly was the big 'twist,' unlike a lot of his earlier works, was somewhat transparent; I guessed it a third of the way into the book.

I am really excited for his next book though, it's a Jusy Blume style book about a 12 year old girl who finds herself in Hell.