Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me...

... that Eric Bana has some kind of sexy slurry accent in Hanna?

Or similarly that Cate Blanchett's busting out
her sweet Southern drawl?

Or that Olivia Williams is even in this?

Same goes for Tom Hollander, who I've admitted an odd thing for
in the past and appears to be going all swishy here?

Or finally, about those eyebrows?

I just saw the trailer for Hanna last night for the first time and, even though director Joe Wright's Atonement still has a sour taste in my throat, I am all over this shit. It can't be as lousy as Kick Ass, right? At least Saoirse can act.


Adam said...

I remember thinking Wright was one to watch after Pride & Prejudice. Then I watched. And now my eyes hurt.

Legend Rivera said...

Shame on you.

"Kick-Ass" was amazing.

par3182 said...

i also have an odd thing for tom hollander

so much so that the last time i was in london i went out of my way (and budget) to see him in a dull play at the donmar warehouse

that olivia williams was also in

small world...