Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It Is Basically Criminal...


... how few pictures there are of the actor Saleh Bakri online. I want to know who I press charges against because of this. Is this Al Gore's fault? I would appreciate it if you all would join me in a class action lawsuit, please. Anyway I found these.

Those last pics are from The Band's Visit which got some play here in the States, but I didn't see it. It was that picture of him getting his blood pressure checked that caught my eye yesterday - it's from The Time That Remains, which apparently came out this past Friday. Anyone seen this one? I must familiarize myself with him!


Yehonatan said...

I saw The Time That Remains when it came out in Israel... It's terribly intense by being so extremely subtle and gentle and it has its inner codex of aesthetics. And it received some great reviews here.

RJ said...

The Band's Visit was pretty cute.

Unknown said...

I have seen both films from Taipei Golden Horse Festival. These two are really decent! Especially The Time That Remains,haven't seen something so humorous and sad for a long time. There's also one film starring Saleh called Salt of
This Sea and I really want to see it!!