Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday's Ways Not To Die


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Becoming: Part 1"

I advertise this here blog as a hotbed of randomness and I think today with the story behind today's Ways Not To Die I've got an ample addition to that pantheon of my brain's oddities. See, Elvismas is just around the corner - January 8th, the birth of our lord and crooner! - so I decided to finally watch Roustabout last evening, which has been sitting on my DVR for a few weeks.

Roustabout is Elvis' 1964 flick where he's a biker (everyone refers to his bike as his "cycle" but pronounce it "sickle," it's very strange) who wears the tightest black pants any man has ever slipped into and makes the rounds of dive bars and carnivals where he sings elaborate and impromptu numbers with the chorus girls and carny whores. He also knows how to karate chop, but this skill isn't utilized often enough as far as I'm concerned. I kept hoping he'd bust out his Miss Piggy like moves on everyone he shared a scene with. Alas!

Anyway he ends up at a carnival run by Barbara Stanwyck - I know! - and she's gruff enough - she is Barabra Stanwyck, after all - but takes an instant shine to this ne'er-do-well kid all the same - I know! But at a certain point he starts to let her down - shocking! - and I have no idea where it came from but I swear to you all I became convinced with every fiber of my being that at a certain point the film was going to take an unexpected turn and Babs was going to make like Drusilla and flick an impressively lengthy fingernail his way and split his throat from ear to ear. And then the remainder of the film would become a chase where she takes up his cycle (pronounced sickle) and throws on some leather mama gear and hits the road, the fuzz hot on her trail. She'd pick up some trashy broad and beat her up a little bit, and then drive her cycle (pronounced sickle) into a volcano, the end.

I guess that's just the movie I kept hoping Roustabout would be. Instead Elvis learned to be a better man and sign contracts and fall in love with the girl with fetal alcohol syndrome and live happily ever after, yawn. My movie woulda been so much cooler.

But back to the Buffy at hand! That daydream got me thinking about this scene in Buffy, which I hadn't thought of in ages, because I always forget Kendra even existed. Which is shameful because I adore Drusilla - Juliet Landau's performance is a magic golden life-affirming elixir and I miss having her around so much - and this is one of Drusilla's greatest moments. That's not meant to be as much of a slight towards Kendra as it sounds and it might be coming from someone who hates her more - I know a lot of people find Kendra groan-worthy but I sort of liked her. But ya know Faith comes along in her wake and it's immediately "Kendra who?" So RIP Kendra. You are remembered... in random spurts not really about you.

Two more random points - this is one of the more violent things we saw this early on into this show. I didn't remember actually seeing the slash on her throat, but I guess you couldn't not have that seen. Still, jinkies. And secondly, how often do we see vampires hypnotize people in Buffy? I don't remember it being that often an occurrence but it has been awhile. Buffy would fall under The Master's spell I seem to remember, and Dracula had his parlor tricks... other instances? Am I just not remembering it well?

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Remy said...

I miss Buffy : (

Jason Adams said...

Sing it, sister.

test said...

i just died and went to heaven. buffy AND elvis!! that running in a blue jacket scene is burned in my memory forever too

Sam79 said...

I always had a soft spot for Kendra...poor love.
(sigh) I miss Buffy too.

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