Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snug Super Suits

Earlier we were treated to (and passed what so far appears to be mostly positive judgment upon) Andy Garfield in his Spider-Man costume. Well now here comes a new shot of Chris Evans in his Captain America outfit. Comes, shot, it never ends. (via)

And call me crazy but he appears to have had a costume fluffer, which makes me curse my own employment choices anew.


movie scary said...

That suit looks pretty weak. Tell me it ain't so!!!

Jason Adams said...

Yeah, unfortunately they didn't take a hint from his Human Torch costume and keep it simple and important word TIGHT. Simple and tight, people! It's Chris Evans!

John said...

there's a bump in the package area like there is in mine.

billybil said...

That was the problem with Spidey Man's suit - they didn't fluff Garfield enough!!

But this one seems nicely fluffed. And I sort of like it a little loose - I like it when it can move around some.