Tuesday, January 04, 2011

See Mark Slashed

I hope that Stacie Ponder of Final Girl doesn't mind me doing some hacking and slashing of my own, but I just had to zoom in on a specific - as of late she's turned her awesome cartooning skills on drawing adorable cube-stacks of the kills in Friday the 13th movies. Last week we got Friday the 13th, and today we get Friday the 13th Part II, and if you know anything about me I hope it's the fact that I am downright obsessed with Tom McBride who played Mark, the wheelchair-bound stud that found himself on the wrong end of Jason Voorhees' machete, in that film. Click here to wander my lust. Anyway I am so in love with Stacie's drawing of Mark there are flames on the sides of my face.

J'adore! But that's just one of many so awesomenesses so make sure to click those links above over and ogle.

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mike D said...

The flames on the side of my face talk is too awesome and extremely underused. It's still a shame about poor Yevette.