Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?


jennypower said...


Jason Adams said...

That's the one, jennypower. Good work!

You know it's weird, I haven't seen Gattaca in several years but I remembered it being a much bluer movie then it turned out to be as I scanned thru it for the frames. It's actually very yellowish, which surprised me.

jennypower said...


Are these frames mostly from his childhood? I thought those were much more yellow.

Jason Adams said...

The only flashback shot included here is the one of the kids swimming; you're right that those were the yellowest yellow. But it's a much warmer movie than I recalled. When I picture it I think of cold sterile medical surfaces, but there's hardly any of that. I need to rewatch it proper-like though.

remy said...

I think it's the second time you do 5FF with Gattaca,

HenryK said...

The same thing with the colours happened to me!

I blame the poster (they do have a lot of influence in our movie imaginary)