Thursday, January 06, 2011

Bros Being Bros


These pictures of Garrett Hedlund and below Mark Wahlberg in the 2005 film Four Brothers are their own reward, but I do have a question regarding them: I grew up an only child so I don't really know the behavioral practices of you people with multiple siblings - yes, you people - but is it entirely normal for you to share the bathroom while shitting and showering?

That seems to me - admittedly naive lil' me! - to err
on the side of too much intimacy. But what do I know?



billybil said...

NO WAY! THere is absolutely no way my brother and I would have even gone into a bathroom at the same time - even a public one. But then we were 4 years apart and there were other issues. But I gotta tell ya, this seems a little too brotherly to me.

Bryan said...

Get a grip on your issues.

Not everyone chooses to live in One Nation Under Shame.

Jason Adams said...

Problem is, sometimes I grip on my issues too hard and a little poo comes out. Then nobody wins.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Shower, shit and talk on the phone to the girlfriend. But we were able to fight and drink together too.

Anonymous said...

Not common, but not unheard of either especially if there's only one bathroom in the house and the ages aren't that far apart.

Anonymous said...

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