Friday, January 28, 2011

From the Mouth of Assturd

Has anyone compiled a list of the wrong names that Walter has given Astrid over the three seasons of Fringe? It must be somewhere online... I mean, there be a lotta geeks out here. And Fringe geeks at that, as last week's delightfully good ratings for the show's move to Fridays proved. Hooray! There's another new episode tonight and PopWrap caught up with Jasika Nicole, the actress who's been called all those delightfully ridiculous wrong names, and besides her expressing affection for the moniker referenced in this post's title I loved this bit of speculation she makes that I've been wondering about myself:

"Well what if Peter loves Faux-livia? What if your soulmate lives in another universe? Talk about a long distance relationship!"


Sandisan said...

The best one was last week when he called her "ashram." Just when I thought they'd run out of funny things to call her!!

SVG said...

Asterisk is my favourite.

Oh Fringe! I thought the writers were just taking the easy way out by having Peter not realize that it was Fauxlivia all along but they've really made everything so much more deliciously complicated. Maybe Peter and Fauxlivia were meant to be- they are from the same universe after all.

Prospero said...

I agree with Sandisan: "Ashram" was the funniest yet.

The show just gets better and better with every ep. Let's hope it doesn't go the way of X-Files and fuck everything up.