Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pic of the Day


I think I might wrap all my Christmas presents with that picture, you guys. Because I live in a state called Denial I've managed to make it this far in my life without ever hearing a Justin Bieber song, but that's not keeping me from grinning like a fool looking at this picture of John Waters and Biebs meeting, if only due to that shit-eating grin John Waters is himself struggling to contain. (via) Do you think Justin has any idea who John Waters is? He looks a little bit dazed. Oh I bet he probably hides in his dressing room screaming, "LISTEN TO YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, YA FUCKIN WHORE!" all the time.


John said...

I doubt very much that JB ever heard of John Waters before meeting him, and when he someday sees his movies from the 70's he'll likely be shocked, or laugh hysterically. I just saw Female Trouble this summer and it was raunchy for it's time.

Rob K. said...

The first time I ever saw Justin B was at the start of that dopey "We Are The World" remake. Both my BF and I were asking, "Who is that little twerp?" Still have never heard any songs of his either, and that's just fine with me.

Anonymous said...

John almost melted when Justin complimented him on his mustache, which was the first thing he did upon arriving to the Graham Norton Show (where this happened). Justin obviously had no idea who he was even after hearing he was the guy who made Hairspray (the remake of which came out in 2007, when JB was 13, so there's a slight chance he missed that one too). He said something like "your 'stache is the jam" or some shit like that, and John blushed and produced his Maybelline pencil thingy for mustache-drawing and offered to paint one on Justin, which clearly creeped the boy a bit. The rest of the interview was sort of boring.