Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?


Trey said...

The Apartment?

Jason Adams said...

"That's the way it crumbles... cookie-wise."

You got it, Trey. Good work!

Anonymous said...

That beautiful widescreen cinemascope frame around that poignant little flat could only be "The Apartment". (BTW: The Music Man marquee was a dead giveaway.)

Jason Adams said...

Yeah, this is one of those movies that I'm so familiar with that every single shot seems iconic to me and I wasn't sure if I was just projecting that or not. So good to know I was not, and those shots are memorable all on their own. LOVE THIS MOVIE.

starfish said...

Aaah, I can't believe The Apartment came up while i was away.. Any one of these five frames would have been enough for me, this is my favourite movie!

(great game btw! thank you)