Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Gratuitous Catch-Up

Like the title says, here's some sexy menfolk shenanigans that we've missed over the past few days due to stuffing ourselves sick with... uh, stuffing. First up, Tom Hardy got a new tattoo! I don't approve of the tattoo but he's shirtless and lips and what was I talking about...

Next up, David Beckham did something out of the ordinary this weekend - he played soccer and he took his shirt off on the field. Blowing my mind, Davey!

(more at that link, by the way) And then there's Becks' teammate Landon Donovan romping around the beach in Sydney (via)...

I don't know him, but his swivel caught my eye. Next up we've got Hugh Jackman's getting into shape for The Wolverine, going to or from the gym here, showing off bicep and scruff and hint of package.

And finally, Justin Theroux shaved off his grizzly beard,
reminding us that god Justin Theroux is cute. (via)


1 comment:

John said...

i never though i'd say this but i'm actually looking forward to the wolverine. dear god, it's me john. please have hugh jackman full frontal?