Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ein Zwei Drei


The German trailer for Tom Tykwer's Drei is out (via) and it looks good. (A translation of the trailer's here.) After the mostly forgettable The International and Perfume I'm hoping this return to his native tongue will bring back the magic. It's the first film he's made in German since the one-two punch of awesome that was The Princess and the Warrior and Run Lola Run. Drei tells the tale of a couple - a dude and chick - that fall for the same dude.

Hello, Sebastian Schipper.


Unknown said...

Aww, I liked Perfume.

Jason Adams said...

I liked it alright at the time but I'll be damned if I can remember a thing about it now. Although now that I've fully developed a crush on human-whippet Ben Whishaw maybe I ought to revisit it...

mattx said...

My sis interviewed Ben Whishaw, awhile back, she say, he damn fine.