Monday, October 25, 2010

Fool Me Once, Paul Bettany...

... shame on me. Fool me twice, however... this weekend I saw the latest trailer for Priest, Bettany's latest graphic novel adaptation where he wears a holy man outfit - Monk! Angel! Priest, oh my! - and just like in the trailer for Legion there is a quick glimpse of Paul sans robes. See here:

Legion even put that shit on its poster! Nevermind that the moment in Legion passes so quickly and in such darkness to render it inconsequential. (Inconsequential could've been Legion's alternate title, of course.) And frankly I take the rendering of a shirtless Paul Bettany as inconsequential as a personal slight. So now here again we get our quick Bettany torso flash and I'm not falling for it this time, Paul! It's not gonna work. I need to hear you're getting all Da Vinci Code naked up in here, and then I'll consider it. Or maybe you can Karl Urban can stand really really close to each other Like, really really close.


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Anonymous said...

Just watched "Wimbledon" starting an often shirtless Bettany. Yummmm.