Thursday, October 07, 2010

Faster Than A Speeding Bullock

By now you've heard that Natalie Portman is definitely not doing Alfonso Cuarón's outer-space movie Gravity. This comes only a couple of weeks after Angelina Jolie said no as well. What's a motherfucking genius gotta do to get a girl to sign onto his movie?

What I don't understand is, I'd already decided that Sandra Bullock was right for the part. I mean I haven't read the script and I have no idea what sort of movie Cuaron's trying to make beyond the vague descriptions of twenty-five minute long opening shots and Robert Downey Jr. inevitably hamming it up in there somewhere, but that's not stopped me from offering my suggestion, and I should be listened to. Nor should it stop you from voting in my science-riddled poll.


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Simon said...

Despite my best efforts, that lady is growing on me. And if they cast some twenty-something, even if she's Natalie Portman, I will claw someone's eyes out.