Friday, October 01, 2010

Email My Groin

So my weekly piece for Celebrity Beehive's up, in which I discuss this week's new releases - Bunches and bunches of horror flicks! Facebook with Fincher! - and in there I mention that one of these horror movies is called Chain Letter - it's about... an evil chain letter - and that in some capacity it stars Bai Ling - perhaps only her nipples? So I went to the IMDb page to find a picture of Bai Ling in this movie to accompany this post directing you to that post, only instead I found this dude Matt Cohen who's also in the movie, and like half of his IMDb pictures are of his abs, and therefore he wins, the end.

Sorry, Bai! Maybe next time your nipples will win,
but the competition this week was just too stiff. (ha, stiff)


Drew F said...

Ehehehe, hes ALSO in Supernatural! I will never understand why you dont watch it...(although the season premier was rather disapointing)

Join the dark side man...there are so many sexy guys and none of them seem to have shirts ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes! I was going to comment on his having been on Supe. He was also on South of Nowhere, where he showed quite a bit of skin. I like finding new things he's been in, I think it's a clause in his contract that he must spend a certain amount of screen time without a shirt on. XD