Friday, October 01, 2010

Do Dump or Marry - Those Facebook Nerds


Glancing through some pics from the premiere for The Social Network made this seem a natural fit: which of the stars of David Fincher's movie would you Do, Dump and which would you Marry? We're talking Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake. Here are a couple more pictures of the guys together.

So take it to the comments. And hurry,
or they might just do the job themselves.



Fernando Moss said...

DO Justin Timberlake

DUMP Jesse Eisenberg

MARRY Andrew Garfield

Melissa said...

What Fernando said.

Zack said...

What they said.

John said...

DO Jesse Eisenberg

DUMP Justin Timberlake

MARRY Andrew Garfield

Joe Reid said...

DO Andrew Garfield (but remain close friends)

DUMP Jesse Eisenberg (though gently and without malice)

MARRY Justim Timberlake (because MINE ALL MINE)

Rebecca said...

DUMP Jesse Eisenberg (quickly)

Do Justin Timberlake

MARRY Andrew Garfield.

jeffreygmm said...

DO Andrew Garfield.
DUMP Timberqueef
Marry Jesse Eisenberg (even though i'm not over his chemical hair straightening/publicistimposed de-jewing)

Leo said...

This is so easy!

DO Justin, DUMP Jesse, and def. MARRY Andy.


for maybe the first time I have no preference in doing and dumping but i must marry ANDREW GARFIELD.

i see i have lots of competition, damnit.

Dame James said...


DUMP: Jesse Eisenberg (unfortunately)

MARRY: ANDY (I want him all to myself)

J.D. said...

Awesome fourway marriage plz.

Glenn said...

DO Justin Timberlake

DUMP Jesse Eisenberg

MARRY Andrew Garfield


billybil said...

DO Jesse Eisenberg

MARRY Justin Timberlake

DUMP Andrew Garfield

I'm afraid Andrew seems a little sensitive for me. :-) And there's something about Jesse's mouth...

John T said...

Marry the perfect Andrew Garfield (and live happily ever after)

Do Jesse-I agree on the mouth

Dump JT

The Pretentious Know it All said...

Dump Justin Timberlake. Like, right away. Without even a moment's thought.

Urg...but who to marry? it. Do Jesse Eisenberg, Marry Andrew Garfield (because that still means I get to do him, right)?

Anonymous said...

Its an old comment, but i don't care.

Do Justin
Dump Andrew
Marry Jesse

I had to comment on this. Jesse is so cute! Hahahaha