Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Two (and a half) Wet Men

Hey look, Rob Lowe's half out of his wetsuit
on the cover of the new issue of Men's Fitness. (via)

Dude is 46 years old y'all. Good living. Anyway this just reminds me that I'm looking forward to him and Adam Scott - especially Adam Scott - picking up where they left off on Parks & Rec. And then this reminds me that Adam Scott's briefly glimpsed slipping into a wetsuit himself in Piranha 3D and I wish I had those pictures in front of me right now, dammit.

Next! Here's Channing Tatum playing "Wet t-shirt-contest!" on the set of his new flick Vow with Rachel McAdams. (via)

I would ask why they've got him soaking wet in all his clothes but he's Channing Tatum and he's not really there to act, so much. If he's not shirtless he's got to be exploiting one fetish or another, otherwise what's the point.

Vow is that movie described here where McAdams comes out of a coma and steps into a triangle torn between Channing and Scott Speedman. Speaking of Scott Speedman, today is his 35th birthday! Happy birthday, Scott Speedman. Let's make this three wet men and I'll link to this post where I posted a bunch of pictures of Mr. Speedman in a speedo on Felicity.



Anonymous said...

Adam Scott is such a tease...

Glenn said...

Dude, he is sucking that gut in like its an olympic sport!