Monday, July 26, 2010

I Am Link

--- Open Mind, Open Vein - Alright, that new poster for Let Me In? Awesome. Bravo, guys. That's a great image, and it once again makes me want to have an open mind for the movie. Aazing that just a poster could have that effect, but then I'm highly unstable. There's also an official trailer which you can watch over at BD. They showed a pair of scenes from the movie at ComiCon over the weekend I guess and there are descriptions of the footage out there. A different one other than that link called Chloe Moretz "one of the finest actors of [her] generation" though and I had to quit.

--- House Party - Jennifer Lawrence, so good in Winter's Bone, has signed up for another project besides playing Mystique in the X-Men: Muppet Babies movie - she's playing opposite Elisabeth Shue in a movie called House at the End of the Street, which BD describes as wanting ">to Psycho what Disturbia was to Rear Window." Meaning A Complete Idiot's Guide to a Copy of a Copy of a Copy of Something Once With Brains? Hrm. Although I love Shue and Lawrence is good stuff, so it's got some points in its favor.

--- Dead Red - Proving how little I know about the Captain America mythology, I'd never seen what the villain Red Skull looks like until I just saw that image at io9, and wowza, that's cool creepy. The link it's from admits that's not what he'll look like in the movie, but I imagine it'll be a variant on that. Also admitted at the link is that Hugo Weaving, who's playing the character in the film, is basing his accent on Werner Herzog. Red Skull is officially my favorite villain ever.

--- In Space No One Can Her You Jiggle - Because the world's clamoring for more of that Scarlett Johannson and Robert Downey Jr. team-up that began with Iron Man 2, she's joined the cast of Alfonso Cuarón's outer-space epic Gravity. Come on, if there's one thing Scarlett's taught us about herself, it's her complete rejection of gravity...


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