Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home For Horror


Gah! I wish I were headed up to my hometown of Rochester, New York this weekend! They're doing a kick-ass pair of double-features with super special guests. Tonight they're having "A Night With Tom Atkins" - there really should be a "motherfucking" inserted as his middle name there - and they're showing The Fog and Halloween III: Season of the Witch and the man they myth the motherfucking legend is gonna be there.

And tomorrow they're having An Evening With Fred Dekker, and they're screening Night of the Creeps and The Monster Squad with Mr. Dekker there. Can you believe that shit? Those are the two specially-designed posters that they've created for it. If you're in Rochester, firstly I hate you, and secondly, you can read more here. Ugh. Kick ass. So awesome!

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