Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daisies Ways Not To Die #5


Yes indeed it's another glorious installment of MNPP's Daisies Ways Not To Die series! Wherein we celebrate the gorgeous technicolor slaughters of the much beloved television program Pushing Daisies, with some assistance from the show's creator Bryan Fuller.

And stay tuned on thru the bottom because yes, we've got another super duper special something for you. But for now, tis time to die...

Pushing Daisies
Episode #18 - "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy"
MNPP: So whose sick idea was this grisliness anyway, and what not-so-buried layer of depravity begat it?

Bryan Fuller: This episode started to coalesce when handsome Doug Petrie spun the yarn about a lighthouse that disappeared from the East coast and reappeared on the West coast (or vice versa – I forget which) completely in tact, brick by brick. Evidently a true story.

MNPP: Y’all always made gratuitous violence so whimsical! What were the priorities with this specific corpse’s decoration? (so close to desecration…)

Bryan Fuller: Fried egg. The number one priority was that this corpse look like a giant harpooned, fried egg. Crafting a corpse to look like a fried egg of course required all sorts of discussion. “What’s the yolk?” “What’s the whites?” “Should there be a rogue vein?” All the things you think about when you think about eggs, we discussed them.

MNPP: Besides just the occasional notes from the higher-ups, what sort of difficulties – special-effects or budget or time limitations - did y’all face getting your vision for this episode out, and what do you wish in retrospect you could’ve done here that you didn’t?

Bryan Fuller: To be honest, and I know this is boring, but I couldn’t be prouder of “The Legend of Merle McQuoddy.” As a consolation for the lack of good dirt, I give you my favorite Standards and Practices note of this episode concerning Kristen Chenoweth’s breasts:

Page 10, sc. 17 Strong caution on Elliot’s face inadvertently ending up on Olive’s bosom, avoiding his face touching Olive’s breasts or Chuck’s breasts when he is pushed her way.

MNPP: Every episode’s stuffed with homage to previous pop touchstones – what ones stick out to you in this specific episode?

Bryan Fuller: Well, mention the word lighthouse to me and my brain goes two places: Antonio Bay and Passamaquoddy. And my brain goes to those places with Adrienne Barbeau and Helen Reddy.

So as pop culture DJ’s, we at PUSHING DAISIES mashed up the ghost story of THE FOG with the musical whimsy of PETE’S DRAGON and sent Chad and Dara Creasey off to craft a ghost story of a man lost at sea and presumed dead that emotionally paralleled Chuck’s personal ghost story with her father returning from the grave. I will forever love them for naming a character McQuoddy ala Passamaquoddy.

Also, we did the bat signal.

MNPP: If you had to choose one single thing from this episode to frame and hang on your wall – a scene or a costume or a reaction-shot or a line of dialogue - what’d make the cut?

Bryan Fuller: I’m torn between Lee Pace’s pitch-perfect performance of Ned on his first man-to-man with Chuck’s dad; and Chi McBride and Kristen Chenoweth’s “Boo-yah!” chest bump...

... and last but not least Kristen Chenoweth doing Helen Reddy proud. One of those things is on the wall.

MNPP: Two other things that happened behind the scenes while shooting this episode… go!

Bryan Fuller: Watching our second season premiere live on a lunch break with all of the cast and crew, taking up an entire sound stage on the Warner Brothers lot. That was neat.

Listening to all the varied and glorious ways Ellen Greene said “I don’t get pissed. A gypsy once told me it brings on hemorrhoids.” to the delight of everyone on set. I think it is a crime that no one has set them to music.

MNPP: And finally, if you gotta go, and we all gotta go, would you wanna gotta go like this?

Bryan Fuller: She was taken violently from behind and fried like an egg. What are you suggesting?


Thanks to Bryan Fuller once again for his spectacular generosity, extending to the following bit of magic: Yes, we've got another mp3 to share! There's only a brief portion of Chenoweth's rendition of the Pete's Dragon song "Candle in the Water" in this episode proper, where she's joined by a yellow slicker'd quartet of fellows giving her some sweet sweet harmonies. And a soundtrack of Jim Dooley's music for the second season lingers cruelly unreleased - "Shut the A capella up," as Emerson would say. So what I'm saying is, you won't find this anywhere else! Enjoy!

Download "Candle on the Water" here; or here;
or you can listen to it right on here now ya see...

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zyzzyva said...

Thank you & Bryan so much for this! As if the "Daisies Ways Not To Die" series wasn't already so wonderful, we've now been gifted with more Chenoweth singing! :D
It's great to finally hear the full version. So lovely.
Though I always loved the inevitable interruptions whenever Olive tried to sing.

I think my favorite part of this episode was the bit about the Dutch love spoons and Olive revealing that she's read the entire Harlequin library. Of course she has!

thomas said...

amazing thnx so much for this i hope someday(soon) the soundtrack is released! i really want to hear eternal flame in full!

JLang said...

Thank you again for your work, great as always!!! BTW, is there any new about the comicbooks?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've always been looking for the for the full version of the the song...

Walt Mueller said...

I second the question by there ANY news about the PD comics? Last I heard Bryan had stories all planned out, but there hasn't been any news at all in a while! I need my PD fix!

John said...

This is incredible! Thank you so much for posting these! I love the posts, I love the songs, it's all brilliant. Since you seem to have a closer connection to B. Fuller than the rest of us, any way you can slip us a copy of "Eternal Flame"? Pretty please? I'll sleep with whoever I have to sleep with in order to get it.

And again, any news on the comics/grapic novel?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Much much thanks and appreciation for the Cheno/Olive Snook songs!!

Do you by any chance have the complete version of "Eternal Flame" from the episode "Comfort Food"? With the recent announcement that the second season soundtrack will be released (only the score, sadly), that is the song from Daisies I have most been searching for!

Love your blog and your devotion to all things Daisies/ Bryan Fuller!

ARTS said...

SO happy to get the "Candle on the Water" MP3. Just discovered it was never released and never thought I'd be able to get it. Thank you!!