Friday, June 18, 2010

They're The Young Blue Bodies

Finally! I was afraid this wasn't going to show up online but once again I was misunderestimating the power of the technological world we inhabit. I got to see The National perform at Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday night and it was a great show and greatest of all my beloved Sufjan showed up and sang back-up and played tambourine on "Afraid of Everyone" (along with St. Vincent too) and here is the video:

Oh swoon, yo. You might recall I recently blogged about the news that Sufjan's been recording (or at least working on) his new album at The National's studio in Brooklyn, so this shouldn't have been a complete surprise him showing p. A couple of my friends even mentioned to me beforehand that they thought he might be there. But I didn't think such a wonder could occur. And then it did. Wondrous.

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Robert said...

St. Vincent was there? Gah! The National is fantastic. What a show it must have been.