Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Stuffs

"Things are looking so much brighter this week! The sun is shining, the first official day of Summer is almost upon us, and a Pixar movie is being released into theaters. Can I get a bounce with me, bounce with me?

Toy Story 3 has been greeted with, as of this typing, a full 105 positive reviews and a full zero negative reviews on the Tomato-meter at Rotten Tomatoes. That means you should be stopping whatever you are doing - Drop the mouse! Throw it against the wall if you have to! And run! Run! Stuff your children into a sack and drag them to the nearest theater right this second! If you miss out on this you aren’t an American. And if you’re reading this and you’re not actually American, well Toy Story 3 will fix that."

Head over to Celebrity Beehive for the rest of my look at the movies coming out this weekend, and further malarkey of my specific sort. I'm seeing Toy Story 3 in about five hours and I couldn't be more excited! Except about also seeing I Am Love later this weekend. Oh Tilda! Here's the swoon-tastic trailer for I Am Love in case anyone's missed it:

This is a really exciting weekend for movies' y'all.
What are your movie plans?

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Drew said...

I came for Tilda and Im staying for (well, her and ) John Adams. Holy crap that man can write some music!

The movie looks beautiful too! I will definitely keep an eye out for this one. Thanks!