Monday, June 21, 2010

Robert Pattinson...


... wants to be in a Todd Solondz movie. That's about the only detail that seemed interesting enough to share from this article about slash interview with him in the NYT, but that is an interesting enough detail to grab my attention. It proves good taste on his part, at least. Or at least an awareness of what to say one likes in order to feign good taste to somebody with tastes like mine. Which is obviously a very desirable demographic for him to chase. Obviously.

There are a couple mentions in the article of his next movie, Water For Elephants, which is an adaptation of Sara Gruen's big bestselling book. I have no idea why I started reading WFE last week, it was just laying there and I guess Christoph Waltz's name flitted through my head (he's in the film as well), but it's not half bad. I dig the behind-the-scenes of Depression-era circus aspects of it at least. Freak hunt! It's proving not challenging at least, which is something I need right now. Slash always.

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