Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hitch Dares Dame With Double Talk

I'd heard about this exchange between Alfred Hitchcock and his Blackmail star Anny Ondra before but I never knew it was caught on tape! Here's Hitch getting all saucy:

(via) In related news tonight I am finally seeing Double Take, the "What if?" movie about Alfred Hitchcock bumping into his double. Read more about it here, and here's the review in the NYT. And here's its trailer. I can't decide if this is gonna go up its own ass or not but I'm such a Hitch-freak I'll probably like it either way. (And the first person to put together "up its own ass" and "me liking it that way" gets a cookie and/or a punch in the face. We'll see when we get there.)


mac20 said...

What a strange place to hide a cookie. Just so you like what you do. And I know you do.

Ms Scrappy said...

If anyone made a Hitchcock bio pic, I'd love to see Matt Lucas from Little Britain playing Hitch.