Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am Link

--- Doing Delillo - This news broke last night right before I was leaving work so I didn't have time to post about it then unfortunately, but Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard are doing a movie with David Cronenberg! Based on Don Delillo's book Cosmopolis. Which I have not read. Should I? But I love how much Cronenberg's got lined up these days, and with big stars that're also terrifically interesting actors. Now if he'd just make a straight-up (well as straight-up as any of his were) horror film again! Sigh.

--- Must Listen - Tonight Final Girl's Stacie Ponder is doing another podcast episode of The Scare-ening and she's got a whopper of a guest joining her. A whopper! Seriously. Radness.

--- Upgrade Or Not - I liked Sharlto Copley in District 9 quite a bit. Everybody did! The fella's got spunk. Anyway he's just dropped out of the movie I Am Number 4 he was set to do with crapmeister DJ Caruso because he's got too much press to do for The A Team, and AICN takes the news of his replacement hard, unto which I call bullshit.

"Sharlto Copley is dropping out of the Bay/Spielberg produced, D.J. Caruso directed I AM NUMBER FOUR. He'll be replaced by the significantly less watchable Timothy Olyphant."

Like I said, I liked Copley, but are you kidding me? Tim Olyphant is immensely watchable! WTF? Caruso's previous two films, on the other hand...

--- JCVD3D - They're gonna make a fourth Universal Soldier film and Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren are gonna be in it (as they were the third, which was straight-to-DVD), and it will be in 3D. You know what that makes me think of right? Seeing the following in glorious 3D:

I would pay a lot of money for that.

---Fool Him Thrice, He's A Fool - Darren Aronofsky will never learn! He's trying to make another movie with Brad Pitt. Every time he comes near Brad Pitt everything comes falling down in ruins and flames. Stay away from the Pitt, Darren! it's called The Tiger and it's about a tiger that's pissed off about the people getting up in its business in Siberia. So basically it's The Ghost Sans The Darkness.

--- Who's Hung - Here's a quote that I missed from the interview with Thomas Jane in the issue of Men's Fitness that I posted the pictures to the other day (via):

"I’m a textbook average guy. I’m 5′10″, I wear a model suit size — 40 regular, 32-inch waist pant — and a size 10 shoe. Everything about me is prototypical. Everything. I even have a right-down-the middle-exactly-average dick."

Yup... that a quote.

--- Three Men on a Boat - What do you get if you put Matthew Fox, Eric Dane and Portuguese soccer star Luis Figo (someone really overdue for a gratuitous post, by the way) together on a boat for a photo shoot? Well this picture, and a million fantasies, that's what. (via)



Anonymous said...

Jean Claude's ass was the most memorable and replayed point of that movie.

billybil said...


1. I LOVE that Colin Farrell seems to be getting cast all over the place!

2. My God that is a beautiful picture of an ass!

3. Now I absolutely lust after Thomas Jane. Average is perfectly perfect for me and any man who is up front (so to speak) about that sounds like a man I'd want to bed!

Derreck said...

i want to leave an insightful comment but the ass and that quote is stopping me. it's like a filter!

Jason Adams said...

JCVD's ass should've made it onto the revised list of Natural Wonders of the World. It is a perfect thing. Something to pray to.