Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Five Frames From ?


What movie is this?


Ian W. Hill said...

Wow, for once I'm here in time?

This is the wonderful L.A. STORY.

Jason Adams said...

You betcha! I was just starting to think I'd need to add a clue or something, this post'd been sitting here so long. So congrats!

And yeah, LAS is such a great, and such an underrated, movie.

Sparky said...

I have no freaking idea... The first frame looks frustratingly familiar though.

I feel a forehead slap coming along.

I might as well make a guess: L.A. Story?

Sparky said...

Damn my hesitation.

Ben said...

I thought it was T2 and then I thought it was The Jerk. Both very very wrong.

Jon said...

I first saw "LA Story" in the theater when I lived in Chicago. I moved out to LA in '99, and then watched in a few years ago. And it's even funnier now as a resident. Such a wonderful film.

breedaniels said...

"I'll have a half caf decaf half caf................."

Glenn said...

I thought To Live and Die in LA until that last shot, which I couldn't possibly fit into any context of that movie.

At least I got the LA part right.