Thursday, May 27, 2010

Could Andrew Garfield Be Spider-Man?


That's what Slash is reporting - at least he's one of several names supposedly up for the gig, alongside Jamie Bell and then three other dudes I'm not terribly familiar with, if at all.

Y'all know that my adoration for Garfield is pretty strong after Boy A (mmm him in Boy A) and Red Riding (mmm him in Red Riding), and with his prime role in Never Let Me Go coming up, much anticipated by yours truly, I only expect this love affair to grow. Plus he's in David Fincher's Facebook movie. So he's certainly going places... I just dunno about him as Spider-Man though. I can't decide if it's just wanting to keep him to myself though. (Because obviously he is completely mine right now. Obviously.)

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Mario Pigrim said...

It would be great seen Mr. Garfield as Peter Parker. He got my attention in “Doctor Parnassus” but I fell in love with him in “I’m here” (ok technically I fell in love with his voice). I think that it’s a better option than Frank Dillane and Alden Ehrenreich.