Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are You Kidding Me With This Cast?


Back at the beginning of April when Anton Yelchin took the lead role as the suspicious boy-next-door-to-a-vampire in the Fright Night remake I admitted that I've never really been that big of a fan of the original film. I've seen it a few times (although it's been awhile) and it has its moments but overall I really was never attached to it. It definitely has remake potential, methinks. So today this news springs up over here and you know the finale of Buffy where all the potential slayer-magicks are loosened into the world (I can get away with a Buffy reference here since Marti Noxon wrote the Fright Night remake's script)? Well this news feels like that sorta potential-avalanche. Bring it the eff on.

"Colin Farrell has stayed away from studio films in the last few years, but how has found two he can sink his teeth into. I'm told Farrell has just committed to next play a charismatic neighbor/vampire in Fright Night, the Craig Gillespie-directed DreamWorks remake of the 1985 thriller that will also star Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette.

... In Fright Night, he'll play the role originated by Chris Sarandon, the charming bloodsucker who tries to talk his horror film fanatic neighbor that he is a vampire who has come to drain the populace."

Now that brief mention of Toni Collette in there is the fist I'd seen her mentioned anywhere, but she'll presumably be playing Anton's mother who gets romanced by the neighbor-vamp, played by Farrell. And oh my god yes! My sort-of interest in this remake, if it goes forward with this cast, just went thru the roof. The world turned on Farrell there for a couple of years where he was admittedly playing up his drunken-leprechaun schtick a little heavily but I never did, I never did! I loved him through good and bad, and in this post-In Bruges world it's obvious that dedication (unlike the Lindsay Lohan sort) has paid off.

And Toni... well she's just perfect, period. I was just talking to the boyfriend about her performance in The Sixth Sense over the weekend and I started thinking about that scene in the car - y'all know the scene, it's the Oscar clip moment - and I started tearing up just from memory. Have y'all been keeping up with United States of Tara? It's so good, y'all. So good. Anyway ramble ramble this news is awesome. I've heard questionable things about the script and somebody major-awesome met with the producers once upon a time about being behind this remake but it didn't work out, sadly, but since this is the way they're going they're certainly choosing a cast to pay attention to.


Anonymous said...

Not that you asked, but Noxon drives me up the wall. Derivative, laboured, tone-deaf writing. Just atrocious.

Ross said...

But who's playing the lesbian girlfriend? I'm thinking Kristen Stewart.

Ben said...

Noxon wrote some of my favourite Buffy episodes - I Only Have Eyes For You, New Moon Rising, Bargaining - and she's been doing stellar work for Mad Men recently too. Excited.

Anonymous said...

I'll see your "I Only Have Eyes For You" and raise you "Bad Eggs," the terrible "Act of Will" episode of Brothers and Sisters, and the embarrassing Point Pleasant, as well as multiple episodes of the wretched Grey's Anatomy - to say nothing of the disgusting seventh season of Buffy on which she was executive producer. Feh.