Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quote of the Day

EW got good quote from Rob "show-creator not musician" Thomas about a Veronica Mars movie!

"It’s not dead,” insists Thomas. “I continue to want to do it. It’s funny, because the rumors go around and around. Kristen Bell had said to somebody that I had written a script, and that wasn’t correct. I did have a treatment and a pitch, with which I went to Warner Bros. and [Mars producer] Joel Silver and said, ‘Here is the fastball version of the movie, the big studio version of the movie that I think we can make.’ And I think they did one of their brand-awareness surveys and were like, ‘We don’t know if we can make money with that.’ So it’s been back-burnered. But I still want to do it. I’m still happy to do it. We’re still looking into it.”

Thomas, whose Starz comedy, Party Down, kicks off its second season on April 23, acknowledges that the project has a built-in expiration date. “There is a bit of a ticking clock [because] Kristen Bell does continue to age,” he concedes of his 29-year-old leading lady. “And doing ‘teen detective’ [is a] dicey proposition. But frankly, I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me.

“In sort of the tidal wave and roller coaster of feeling upbeat or downbeat about it,” Thomas concludes, “I’d say I’m feeling in the middle right now.”

Oh, to dream. And maybe it'd pull Kristen Bell's movie-career outta the doldrums. Pick a good movie, lady! Argh. Still. Not holding my breath on this one.


Drew said...


If I promise to see it enough times for the studio to make a profit, do you think they'll make it?

I sooo miss Veronica Mars! Its number 2 on my "shows that houldnt have been canceled" list. Right after Pushing Daisies ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I used to like Kristen Bell, but her off-putting, pretentious, kiss-ass "new" personality turns me off completely. Watched her on Craig Ferguson and she is super annoying and sounds like one of the Paris Hilton bimbos. It's interesting how one has changed from a humble tv actress to an ego-maniac. She is exactly llike the actress character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.