Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gratuitous JFK Jr.


In case it wasn't clear by this morning's mood, I'm feeling a little run-over today. Two Thom Yorke concerts two nights in a row took a lot out of this little man. (Oh I know, cue the world's tiniest violin armada.) Anyway I'm not here to whine (about my awesome life), I'm here to say that I'm not feeling especially imaginative this fine April afternoon. Thankfully I stumbled upon this link here, where an enormous gallery of John F. Kennedy Jr. pictures that were new to me awaited.

Now, that link is annoying for two reasons. First, you've gotta click through one by one by one, and that's annoying. Especially since they have over 160 pictures. I mean, I'm not doing anything, but y'all might have places to go or people to see, and maybe you need it condensed to the good stuff. That's what I'm here for. (Oh but before I get to that, the second reason the link's annoying is the pictures aren't big enough. Course, with JFK Jr. the only thing that'd equal "big enough" would be life-size, reanimated, and standing beside me, but that's beside the point.) Anyway! I picked out the good ones - which, considering JFK Jr. was The Perfect Man, there are lots of. Seriously. A lot.

But it's lunch-time, so turn off your brain and let that blood flow other places, ya know? And click the tag at the end of the post if you need even more (in which case, good grief!)



Chris said...


John said...

He had some bad hair back in the day but he loved to walk around shirtless and I didn't mind looking at him that way. It's a shame he died the way he did and so young.

Simone said...

He was such a handsome man. I liked him. His death shocked me.

Prospero said...

Gorgeous, rich, smart (no matter how many times he failed the Bar) and from an American dynasty... what's not to love? Such a tragic loss.

Schlickmann said...

He just had curly French or Irish hair. As a teenager in the late '70s he would let it grow following the trend, and then trimmed it in the '80s and '90s for a more conservative look, since he was also an older man.

There's a book stating that besides Madonna, Daryl Hannah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brazilian model Xuxa, all blondes like his wife, he also had bisexual flings. It says he used to go to peep shows, rent a lot of porn and never return. The book even states he took the virginity of a Norwegian-Brazilian teenage blond boy, son of socialites.

yah me said...

John was always, and will always be, my perfect physical 10. I think he was god type handsome, head to toe. Hands down one of the best looking (and sexiest without trying) men I have ever seen. I was so crushed when he died way too soon.

Anonymous said...

Apropos the comment from Schlickmann above - There was gossip for years that JFK Jr was bisexual. Way back in 1983, on his visit to India as a dashing 23 year old who'd just finished his history graduation from Brown University, he garnered quite some interest despite his diligent efforts at making the trip a low key affair. From what I've heard (this was a few years before I was born!), he took a working year off during which he traveled to India where he researched topics of personal interest. His India trip was well designed to protect his identity through a collaborative effort by both Indian and American governments.

Despite this, though, there was some buzz - albeit very discreet and more as metaphors/insinuations rather than outright gossip, given the stature and sensitivities involved - after his visit to the famous Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. From the sketchy details eagerly whispered about for several years after his trip, it appears he was quite taken with a very handsome naturalist (male) who was working in the Ranthambore safari lodge where he stayed for a week or so. Rumor had it that this naturalist stayed the night in JFK Jr's room after an evening of fairly rambunctious drinks n' dinner - and no, the room did NOT have twin beds. And when the lodge staff went to the room to wake him up early the next morning for the safari, apparently JFK Jr and the naturalist were in the bathroom showering together - to save time and get ready to leave asap, was the "official" explanation. One can only speculate as to whether anything more actually transpired. :-)- though it must be admitted that eager speculation apart, no "action" was actually *seen*. Perhaps it was merely like the shared showers in the Brown Uni locker rooms, however the alternative does seem like a much more exciting explanation!!