Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now It's Just Getting Weird

Yesterday I posted some pictures from the recent Dorian Gray movie, starring Ben Barnes, because as I explained a couple of random occurrences came together to put it at the fore of my mind. Well this morning I clicked on a story over at PopWrap about some casting news for the fourth Pirates of the Carribean movie because the dude pictured was pretty and well apparently all roads lead back to Dorian Gray. Let's start with the story at PopWrap:

"After an exhaustive search for an actress who does not have breast implants to star in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides," Disney has finally found their dream chest. And naturally they had to leave Hollywood to do so.

Meet Astrid Berges-Frisbey -- a poly-blend of nationalities (born in Barcelona to French and Catalan parents) which has resulted in one of the most captivating faces I've seen in ages. In "Stranger Tides," Astrid will play Syrena, an alluring mermaid who works alongside Captain Jack to ... do something epic, I'm sure.

Also rumored to be jumping into the fray is Maximilian Irons -- son of Jeremy and a model -- whose killer cheekbones would theoretically replace Orlando Bloom's since he, like Keira Knightley, won't be returning for more."

Naturally I don't care about the lady here; it's Jeremy Irons' 24 year old son Max that we're focusing on. He's a very pretty boy (which makes me curious what his mother looks like, since I've never been attracted to his father in the slightest). Anyway I went in search of photos, which led me to the realization that he's one of the dudes hanging on Ben Barnes in those pictures I posted yesterday!

When I posted his picture with Ben yesterday I remember wondering who the heck he was, because he was so pretty - what I'm getting at is the universe is a kind and benevolent beefcake-loving force, and I appreciate it. Thanks, universe! Here's some more of Max, whom I expect we'll be hearing more from in the future.


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VANSA said...

Max Irons mom is actually Sinead Cusack, an actress who played Naomi Watts mom in eastern promises. So there you have it.