Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep It Tight, Ryan

I wish they'd release some nice big stills of Ryan Reynolds in his spandex get-up in Paper Man, or at least a HD quality version of the trailer that came out this week. As is I am not getting clear enough images of the wonder that it ought to be. Especially since his costume's gonna be CG in The Green Lantern. But for now here are a couple of alright pictures to make due with. (via)

The trailer's also at that link. Paper Man is out on April 23rd.
Besides Ryan it has Lisa Kudrow and Emma Stone! Awesome.


Simon said...

I will be seeing this.

Prospero said...

How much am I loving Ryan as a blond?

Ms Scrappy said...

Sometimes I think that he and Chris Evans have a contest between themselves as to who's going to have the best abs and how many comic books movies they can star in.