Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The More You Know...

A couple of weeks ago I posted that clip of Jimmy Marsden hanging off a rooftop ass to the wind in the Death at a Funeral remake, and figured therein that most of it was butt-double. Well some enterprising journalist - doing Pulitzer-level work, natch - went and asked Jimmy himself, and he had this to say:

CS: The scene when you're off the roof, were you really naked in front of all of those people?

Marsden: Yes! I remember Luke Wilson coming up to me going, "Marsden, why didn't you get a closed set man? There's 500 people here starring at your ass. Why didn't you ask for a closed set?" Why the hell didn't I ask for a closed set? I was just too dumb. There's a couple of shots where it's the stunt guy. When you see him doing a stunt it's the stunt guy and you can tell because he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I always thought I don't have a problem doing nudity. I feel more comfortable doing it in a comedy than something that's to be taken seriously. I don't know why that is. I would probably still do "Brokeback Mountain" but it would be harder and more difficult and more uncomfortable than me running around naked on a roof in "Death at a Funeral." There's something about asking the audience to take you seriously in your nudity as opposed to look at me run around naked. Isn't that funny? So it was easier for me to do that.

Choice bit here: He would probably still do Brokeback Mountain. Umm can we get his people on the phone, please? I have a very very small budget but very very high quality idea for just such a project that I'd love to pitch to him. (Which I guess would mean he'd catch, naturally.)

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Anonymous said...

James Marsden has got a great ass, great face, and great body! He is sooooo hot! More people should pay attention to him.