Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Men Represent The Triumph Of Mind Over Morals


"Ben Barnes' Dorian Gray U.S. DVD Release

It looks like Dorian Gray is going to eschew a U.S. theatrical run and go directly to DVD. Directed by Oliver Parker (Hellraiser's moving man), this re-telling of Oscar Wilde's tale stars Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall and Ben Chaplin. E1 will release the film on August 24."

For some reason I'd posted on this movie a couple of times before so I might as well follow it through to its inevitable conclusion. I always see through things to their end! I find that a very important quality to have, like maintaining soft foot-bottoms.

Anyway randomly I was looking through pictures from this movie just yesterday, oblivious to the fact that it hadn't even been released here in the States. I wasn't exactly dying to see it, and I'm still not, even though in a post-Single Man world I'm keen enough on Colin Firth, Rebecca Hall is quite delightful, I still harbor a TACAT-crush on Ben Chaplin, and Ben Barnes is patently fuckable. But yea, let's look at pictures, cuz it's a thing to do. Looks like they made Oscar Wilde's "subtext" a little more text (though not enough!).


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