Monday, April 26, 2010

I Am Link

--- A Good Girl Friend - And so it begins - Greta Gerwig has landed a role in an Ashton Kutcher movie. Earth swallows us in 3, 2... I kid. It's Ivan Reitman's next film, and also stars Natalie Portman, whom Miss Gerwig will be playing the best friend to. Hopefully she's got a character to play, and will shine her magic mumbly shine.

--- Next For Neil - I sorta wish Neil Marshall would make another horror movie - Dog Soldiers and especially The Descent proved his mettle in that genre - but he seems pretty keen on making straight-up action movies these days and Centurion looks terrific so I won't complain, I suppose. He's planning on adapting the 70s Brit TV series The Professionals into a movie next, says here. I'm not familiar with the show but it sounds like a super-spy buddy-cop type thing.

--- Mo' Ridley - Last week Ridley Scott spilled a bunch of news on his Alien prequel; well a little bit more just trickled out via Collider - the movie will be in 3D (duh) and it very well may be a pair of films, not just a single prequel. I'm so conflicted over this and will probably whine about being conflicted over this movie every single time I post about it even as I keep posting about it because I have no self control. So y'all have that to look forward to!

--- 5th & Final - The writer of the fifth Final Destination movie is the same dude who wrote the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot and the upcoming Thing prequel. Apparently they say they are really going to try and shake up the formula this time. Also, Lasik surgery. Ack.

--- Via Lola - The German equivalent of the Oscars had their awards this weekend and Nat has the run-down... they gave Michael Haneke's masterpiece The White Ribbon ten statues, including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Actor, Supporting Actress, Costumes, Art Direction, Make-up and Sound. Susanne Lothar didn't win Best Actress though, which blows. Anyway, yay Germany!

--- Joss Avenges - There's a pretty sweet piece up at WSJ of all places on why Joss Whedon is the right man to bring us The Avengers.

--- Go Go Gein - Here's a good way to spend a Monday morning - flipping thru a scrapbook of Life magazine pictures taken of Ed Gein's house and trial and what not. (via Sean) It's terror-iffic! Sean is right when he says we wouldn't have had modern horror without Gein. He opened up a whole new world, he did!

--- They Don't Get It
- Kim Morgan writes a few thoughts up on Synecdoche, New York, which she was discussing with Charlie Kaufman at EbertFest over the weekend. Oh to have been there to see that!

--- Speaking Of Ebert - Roger went and posted a transcript of that Sex Pistols movie Who Killed Bambi? that he worked on a screenplay for with Russ Meyer.

--- And finally, via Stale Popcorn (sorry Glenn had to swipe this amazing find of yours), here's Werner Herzog reading Where's Waldo, because oh my god it's Werner Herzog reading Where's Waldo!



dashdog said...

Great news wrap-up; I finally saw "The White Ribbon" and was slack-jawed by the end. It just won't be the same seeing it again on DVD and I'm grateful I saw it in the theater. I went back and read your impressions about it, which were spot on. Since we both appreciate Carl Theodor Dreyer's movies, I was reminded of them throughout WR especially "Vampyre" and "Day Of Wrath" -- Haneke tapped into that oppressive, starkly religious vibe perfectly. Oh, and I will be getting it on DVD! As for "Alien" prequel, maybe Scott will return to the "haunted house" approach to the series, slowing it down and boosting the horror and suspense. BTW, wouldn't "Shutter Island" have been better if filmed in true 3D, not that converted crap? Make the best of this cold, wet day. Nick

Glenn Dunks said...

That video is incredible, isn't it?