Friday, March 19, 2010

Otherwise We'll Be Forced To Kill You, Violently

We're finally getting more concrete information on the real actual for-real release of Best Worst Movie, the astonishingly entertaining documentary about the astonishingly awful horror film Troll 2. BD has got dates and locations for its roll-out, and a new trailer! Hooray!



It starts in Austin on April 23rd, and then opens here in NYC on May 14th. Check the link for more details, and check out the film's website for more. I wasn't kidding, kids, when I named this movie my 7th favorite of 2009. It's wonderful. See it!


Simon said...

The things they'll make documentaries of these days...

I must see it, actually.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this tidbit about Captain America casting, thought you might be interested!