Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Looking At Matthew Bomer Is Painful

Not just because he's so ridiculously pretty that he hurts my eyes, but also because he makes me feel so completely inadequate that I want to bury myself in the dirt until I am dead. Dead! We were flipping through the television channels last night after Lost and stumbled upon the latest episode of White Collar - no I haven't been watching it, and it's mainly just due to the just described situation about Bomer's loveliness making me want to DIE that's kept me from putting it on the DVR list - and there he was, strutting around in his perfect suits with his perfect face and eyes and everything, ugh even his hair is sexy! Ugh! And then came this scene I'm about to document (pics via), where they had him suddenly shirtless and gently caressing (oh right, sculpting) a statue of a male nude. Seriously, guys? We're going there, with Bomer's history? Good grief. Anyway, it's worth looking at. Until your eyes turn to dust.


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Simone said...

Whoever is fucking him, is a lucky fucker. M or F.