Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am Link

--- Happy Bday Bud - Kim Morgan wished Bud Cort a happy birthday today via a loving look at his most famous role, Harold in Harold and Maude. If you wanna live high, live high! And if you wanna live low, live low.

--- Viggo Viggo - Right after they're done filming the Freud versus Jung flick Talking Cure, David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen will team up again for the long-rumored sequel to Eastern Promises. I think the only way they can top the naked bath brawl scene is to have Viggo and Vincent Cassel do it this time. Am I right or am I right? (via Nat)

--- Go Jonny Go - Jolie-ex and Jude-pal Jonny Lee Miller is apparently the front-runner for the role of lead character Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead adaptation for AMC that Frank Darabont's been working on, says BD. I like Mr. Miller quite a bit and think this sounds like a fine development, although the last I'd heard Mark "Jacob on Lost" Pellegrino was up for the role and I wouldn't have minded him either.

--- Killing Fish - This thing made me laugh and laugh for hours yesterday, it did.

--- Nilbog Spelled Backwards - Slash caught up with Michael Stephenson, the director of the Troll 2 doc Best Worst Movie, to chat with him about all the good stuff that's been happening with that wonderful and deserving-of-good-stuff film.

--- And finally, it don't get much geekier than this: a frame-by-frame dissection of the trailer for Scott Pilgrim Versus The World. (via Slash)



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