Monday, March 01, 2010

The Ghost Writer in 150 Words or Less


What does it mean that everybody attaches the words "old-fashioned" to their praise of this movie? Because my first instinct is to call it blessedly old-fashioned. I guess it means slow (as in deliberately paced) and smart, both adjectives modern day thrillers have mostly trampled into the dust in their quest for out-shocking each other. Not that usually I have anything against being out-shocked. But it's nice to have an exquisite film-maker like Polanski settle in to a purposeful rhythm and remind us what a pleasurable jolt a methodical descent into justifiable paranoia can be. Especially with a cast this game (give or take Kim Catrall's wobbly accent).

And oh Olivia Williams! If you've enjoyed a moment of her on Dollhouse then this performance will tickle your happy places with great enthusiasm. It's very much a performance of that vein.

"If we meet any terrorists, I'll text you."


Simon said...

I love this lady...

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the terrifc soundtrack by Alexander Desplat. Went right out and bought it.