Monday, March 01, 2010

The Crazies (2010) in 150 Words or Less

Overall it gets redundant - how many times can the camera pan to show a Crazy standing in the background staring at one of our heroes where the hero cannot see them? Watch this movie to find out the answer is apparently infinite times.

But there are some very fine set pieces - the car-wash scene! The strapped-down-to-gurneys scenes! - and some very likable actors - Radha Mitchell and beautiful Joe Anderson even beautiful under the world's worst mustache in an attempt at making a secondary character less attractive than the main ones, and of course Timothy Olyphant, whom I could watch wander around in a cop uniform for days upon days upon days. And the movie's spin on murderous Government is smart, and horrifying.

And it's better than Romero's original.


Simon said...

*shakes fist in anger* MOUSTACHE!

Jason Adams said...

Wait are you yelling at me for spelling it without the O or at the mUstache itself? If the latter, I agree, the mUstache must go! But if it's the former, it's perfectly acceptable to spell the word sans O. PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE.

Jwise said...

WOW, I didn't even recognize Joe!!!!!!

The things a terrible moustache can do to a guy!

Ross said...

I thought the mustache made him more attractive!