Thursday, March 18, 2010

Enver On Enver Action

Oh! Oh! Oh! Enver news! Enver news! And incredibly delightful-sounding Enver news at that! Via io9 comes word that he's starring in a new web series called Previously on Point Dume that'll start online on Monday. It's a riff on soap operas, I guess, described as "Twin Peaks meets Clue." Here's the description:

"Something is hiding in the wealthy beach enclave of Point Dume. A dark secret so so secretive it could take at least five seasons to reveal. When big city-boy Lazlo Wood returns home for his father's funeral, his nosy questions threaten to dig up more than just a corpse. What exactly is his step-mother Ginabeth hiding in the pantry? What exactly is Professor Pyle injecting local children with? And when exactly will Bron the Landscapist ever wear a shirt? These and other mysteries promise to almost never be explained in this new recap show for the greatest nighttime soap opera never seen, Point Dume."

And here's io9 describing the actual content of the videos:

"Every "webisode" will be a "Previously On Point Dume" style collection of clips from the previous episodes — and there'll never be a full-length episode, at least not for the foreseeable future. Instead, you'll see the soap-opera parody's storyline unfold through these little recaps."

But the real exciting part is this:

"Gjokaj plays the "Lothario landscapist," Ron, as well as Ron's nemesis/doppleganger, Bron. And indeed, he never wears a shirt, and the first segment includes full-on Enver-on-Enver action. "They're kind of like enemies-slash-weirdly attracted to each other, because thye're both complete egomaniacs," explains Gjokaj. "We've got some bizarre things planned.""

Well sign me the fuck up.


Dale said...

Oh, this sounds so great. I'll definitely check it out.

Still, I do hope that he can get more work than a supporting [?] part in a webseries. It's better than doing nothing or shitty Lifetime movies, but still.

Anonymous said...


Gahhhh. eeey.

gregorybrown said...

Last character I saw perpetually shirtless was Randy, on TRAILERPARK BOYS. Things are looking waay better.