Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wait Just A Cotton Pickin' Minute!

Did I really just read what I think I just read? Via the LA Times' blog:

"When it comes to "Paranormal Activity," nothing should surprise us anymore. This was a movie that was shot for $10,000 and became a $100-million-plus box-office powerhouse. And it did all that with no stars and no brand pedigree -- just a brilliant "America demanded it" marketing campaign.

So the fact that a number of emerging genre directors are being considered to direct the second picture in the haunted-house franchise (tentatively titled "Paranormal Activity 2" but probably soon to be renamed) makes perfect sense.

More eerie, though, is that the studio is now seriously considering a trio of more experienced directors. And one of them is a person who'll really get your weird-o-meter spinning: Brian De Palma.

Yes, that Brian De Palma."

The LA Times did fuck up their "Wes Craven's directing Scream 4!" scoop last week, so who knows what sort of truth there is to this. But... the mind reels. And the mind fucking spins off the track after that, because the other two directors they're considering are fucking awesome!

"As for the [other two] young genre directors, they include a more Peli-ish group of freshmen and sophomores: Brad Anderson (director of a Woody Harrelson-Emily Mortimer thriller a few years back called "Transsiberian") and Greg McLean (a writer and director on an Australian horror movie called "Wolf Creek" -- another low-budget title that made a nice multiple, $16 million in U.S. box office)."

Greg McLean! Brad Anderson!

Brad Anderson!!! Greg McLean!!

JESUS CHRIST! No Jesus Christ isn't in the line-up, but he might as well be. Nobody ever gives Wolf Creek the attention it deserves - that it's one of the greatest horror films of the previous decade - so I'm annoyed but not surprised they were dismissive there, and similarly they don't mention Anderson's fantastic Session 9 or The Machinist for that matter beside his name. But I do, and I go nuts with enthusiasm here. My expectations for this movie just went from zero point zero-zero to infinity, yo.

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